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Nancy’s Art Nook
The Cosy Corner of Creative Beautiful Things and services

to a little nook of the Universe, where the winds sing to you, and the trees inspire you. Where ingredients from the earth blend in song and create unique products to touch, to feel, to taste, to enjoy.

  The earth will change shape to bring you a piece of the wild into your tame home, and the pigments of the land will transform to bring you a glimpse of the sands of another place. They will talk to you of dust rising on a moonlit night, of wild horses being tamed by a gentle stroke of a hand. Words will talk to you of the wisdom of ages still upon this land, and of the peace that can be found everywhere, especially within your own heart. Tasty treats will tantalize your taste with delight and deliciousness, and bring comfort and health to your table.

   Take a walk around, linger over the magic and the strangeness, and let the songs you hear embrace your soul and give you wings to fly to another place.

  Sit upon the earth that you feel, and delight in the sensations of familiarity, of unacquaintedness, and let yourself be filled with wonder and beauty, with delight and understanding, with curiosity and serenity.

  Thank you for coming and may you experience an enchanting stay upon these pages of art and creativity of my visions and feelings of life.

Life is a work of art designed
by the one who lives it.

Please practice integrity by not copying or sharing without credit anything on this website. Thank you.
Nancy Horenburg © 2015 - All rights reserved

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.


Wander around the colours of landscapes and animals, and feel the breeze flowing past your thoughts and heart as you let the paintings share with you their life.


Words, let them enthrall and mesmerize you,
and bring to you new and different ways of
seeing and being.

Store Nook

Artisan Food

Handcrafted divine dairy-free organic stoneground chocolates, delightful banana cakes, raw nutritious creations…
heaven for your health and tastebuds.


Have a piece of art to share your life with and experience its energy. Original paintings, prints and cards.

Poem Nook Your request

Your Choice

Would you like something created specifically for you? A painting of your companion animals, your house, a poem for a special occasion…

Let me know and a creation will
arise just for you.


Look around at the creations that fire the imagination of your soul and your heart. Take pleasure in the beauty that comes to you through paint and clay, words and food.


Walk quietly as the earth rises around you and tells stories of love and beauty, of power and fun.

Store Nook Art does not reproduce what is visible,
it makes things visible.
Markets Nook

Monthly Markets

Come for a visit to my monthly stalls to get your choice of chocolates, breads, nut cheeses, greeting cards and lots more.

Markets Nook

Martial Arts Training

Karate, Gongfu and Qigong for body, heart, mind and spirit

Markets Nook

The Land Retreat

A space of peace and rejuvenation at Mokatse, where you can enjoy a delicious lunch and a time to be in nature and in the freshness of a beautiful day in a rustic space.

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